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Multi-activity Kitty/ Cat Scratching Post /Pad with Catnip -Avoid Furnit

Multi-activity Kitty Cat Scratching Post Pad with Catnip -Avoid Furniture Destroyed -Sturdy Enough Scratcher- Recycled Materials &Free Toy- (Curve Set of 2)
Looking for a scratching post that your Kitty loves for? With Living Express Multi-activity Cat scratcher, your cat will find endless happy to scratch, rub, play or just relax. And Cats love the feel of cardboard, the best time to form their habit to scratching on cardboard when kittens. The solid Recycled Cardboard provides a healthy outlet for scratching and exploring instincts. - Shape: Triangle with 2 sizes holes - Size: 17"Lx8"Wx4.5"H - Material: AAAA grade recycled cardboard - Accessory: one bag of Catnip, one bell ball Free Insurance Service: - 100% money back if not like - Parts replace within 2 months - No questions asked if you think a problem
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[NEW] 4CLAWS Jute Tripod Scratching Post 30"

[NEW] 4CLAWS Jute Tripod Scratching Post 30
A Fun Scratching Station The Tripod Scratching Post is screw mounted and sturdy enough for your cat to rest its weight on it while scratching and stretching. The package includes mounting screws to be easily assembled. The scratching post is 30" tall, allowing sufficient room for a comfortable vertical scratching position. The tripod form allows multiple scratching postures. Protect your walls, door frames or other vertical furniture and save money by offering your cats a better alternative to dig their claws in. The Scratching Post is designed to appeal to your kitty's natural instinctive need for scratching and stretching. Created with an anodized aluminum frame and natural jute, the scratcher is neat and very durable. The scratching post measures 30" tall with legs 21" apart.
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18" Natural Sisal Cat Scratching Post with Feather Toy by Weebo Pet

Cats scratch. It may be frustrating, but it's completely natural, and there is something you can do about it! But first, let's examine why cats do scratch. They aren't trying to be destructive or vindictive. A lot of comes down to instinct. Why do cats scratch? --Scratching removes the dead outer layer of their claws, keeping them healthy --Scratching marks territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent (they have scent glands on their paws!) --Scratching stretches their bodies and flexes their feet and claws --Scratching relieves stress and expresses excitement (like how happy they are that you're home!) So, scratching isn't a habit you want to break. The trick to saving your furniture is teaching your cat what she can scratch, and what is off-limits. And that's where we come in. Our scratching posts are wrapped in stiff, sturdy, eco-friendly sisal fibers that can withstand years of satisfying scratching sessions and stand 18" tall on a stable 12" square base. Often all it takes to wean the cat from your favorite furniture is by placing a scratching post right next to it. We've even included a dangly feater at the top to make the post even more appealing! If your cat requires more of a nudge, try covering the furniture or applying some double-sided tape. This post is comprised of just two pieces and a single, sturdy screw, so assembly is quick and simple, and should you need to store it, it is just as simple to take apart!
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CLASSY KITTY Double Decker Sleeper Cat Pedestal Bed, 35", Natural

CLASSY KITTY Double Decker Sleeper Cat Pedestal Bed - 35
Cats are part of the family. That's why we take great effort in providing superior cat products. We have cats and understand their needs. We also understand that you want the best products at a great price. Our products deliver both. Our cat trees and posts are a great choice that provides fun and activity as well as rest and relaxation for your cat. Our products feature a perfect amount of carpet for lounging and sisal fiber for scratching. Plush, stain resistant, residential grade carpet in natural beige. Providing your cat with cat furniture and scratching posts not only helps to promote regular activity and exercise for your kitty, but also helps to distract from potentially clawing up your upholstery and flooring. Cat trees can help to keep cats occupied for hours on end, which is beneficial in preventing boredom or neurotic behaviors. If your cat is in need of an uncomplicated and highly enjoyable cat scratching tree or post to keep her occupied, be sure to check out Classy Kitty -- from the makers of the world's best selling cat furniture.
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Masione Kitten Cat Nap Activity Tree Condo Pet Furniture Scratching Post

Masione Kitten Cat Nap Activity Tree Condo Pet Furniture Scratching Post Pet House Cat House - White (36 inch)
Specification --Overall Size :36"(H) X 12"(W)× 12"(L) -- Base House: 12"x12" inches -- Posts: 11.5" inches each -- Circular Hole: 9" length and 8" diameter -- Middle Platform (on top of circular hole): 12"x12" inch -- Top Platform: 9.75"x9.75" inch -- Package Weight: 14.33 lbs
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Molly and Friends Cat Scratching Post With Bed, Brown

Molly and Friends Cat Scratching Post With Bed - Brown
SCR/B - SISAL-Parts(Brown) Parts Color: Brown Features: -Solid untreated heart of pine core post. -Carpeted bed on top of scratching post. -Large bed gives kitty a lookout and napping spot. -Cozy carpet covered cradle and durable sisal post for scratching. -Made in the USA. -Removable Cover: No. Product Type: -Elevated. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Shape: -Round. Pattern: -Solid. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -35". Overall Width - Side to Side: -19". Overall Depth - Front to Back: -19". Overall Product Weight: -28 lbs. -Sisal post: 27".
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Easyology Pets Premium Cat Tunnel Toy Maze Crinkle Chute (Gray)

Easyology Pets Premium Cat Tunnel Toy Maze Crinkle Chute (Gray)
Activate your kitty's natural instincts with Easyology Pets premium cat tunnel. This award winning toy offers hours of fun and healthy exercise for your furry friend. Cat lovers know that all cats need exercise or they could cause trouble. He or she will scratch at your furniture or make off with pens, keys and other items. Your kitty has probably even raced through the house in the middle of the night - much to your frustration. Keeping kitty entertained will not only help him or her stay young and healthy, but by channeling all that energy with acceptable diversions, he or she will be a better-behaved pet, too. This cat tunnel is the perfect choice for both exercise and fun. Activate your cats natural instincts by creating a maze of cat tunnels. You can connect two or more of them to help capture kitty's attention and activate her natural drive. Cats will happily run in and out of the cat tunnel peeking their heads through the hole while they get some great exercise.. It's great fun for cats, kittens, grown-ups and kids alike. Easy storage Super durable Can connect as many as you want Makes a great gift for cat lovers. Want a happier cat and lots of fun for you? Hit the "Add to Cart" button above and order your Premium Cat Tunnel today.
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Kitty City Premium Sisal Scratching Post Fleece Bed Furniture, Total Hei

Kitty City Premium Sisal Scratching Post Fleece Bed Furniture - Total Height 32 Inches
Kitty City scratchers are the smart, economical way to protect your valuable furnishings. Our scratcher post look great in a home, they take extraordinary abuse and they support a cat's inbred desire to sharpen its "tools." attractive and neutrally toned to fit any decor. Perfect, stable width and extra-tall height designed for cats sturdy, natural sisal rope wrapped post, creates a durable surface for cats’ scratching urges. Overall size: 15.75"(l) x 15.75"(w) x 32"(h)fun, jingle ball toy included at the top of the post. Bv pet safety certified easy assembly: With 3 screws, the post conveniently and quickly mounts to the base. If you have any questions about our cat products, our customer service department would be glad to help you. Kitty City customer service can be contacted at: Info@sportpet.Net.Warning:Choking hazard. This toy contains small parts. Do not allow children to play with or near this item. This is not a toy for children. If product becomes damaged please discard immediately. This product is designed for a specific and intended use. Do not use this product for anything other than its intended use. Sisal scratching material is made of natural plants. Certain people may have allergies to such material. If you experience an allergy reaction to the sisal, please stay away from the scratching surface.
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Sweet Devil Ultimate Cat Scratching Post Activity Tree Pet Product Large

Sweet Devil Ultimate Cat Scratching Post Activity Tree Pet Product Large
EVERY CAT NEEDS A CAT TREE 1.Because of the nature instincts,your cats need something to grinding their claws, otherwise,they will feel dpress and unhappy. 2.For mental and physical health benefits, cat scratching posts maximize and encourages full stretching vital for muscle development, relieving stress, and easing boredom. 3.It is the best choice for you to buy our scratching post.Your cat will grind their claws on our post instead of scratching on your sofa and other furnitures. 4.Your cat will feel so lonely at home without it. 5.Anti-depression:It supplies a cozy retreat and your cats can play it as a toy,which helps to release your cats' pressure. 6.Designed for cats of all ages and activity levels. 7.Place it at the right place by observing your cats' preferences.We are sure that your cats will liked to paly with it and lie on it for long periods of time.
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Ollieroo 55" Cat Tree with Scratching Posts Scratcher Play House Co

Ollieroo 55
Ollieroo 55" Cat Tree with Scratching Posts Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture Bed Post Pet House (Brown)
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