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Pet Heating Pad FIROW Electric Heated Bed Warming Pad Outdoor Pet Bed Wa

Pet Heating Pad FIROW Electric Heated Bed Warming Pad Outdoor Pet Bed Warmer For Dog House Heater Cat Puppy Animal Kitten Indoor Waterproof Adjustable Mat With Chew Resistant Cord Low Voltage Adapter
About FIROW This pet heat pad is SAFE, low voltage. In winter, the heat spreads very fast, when you touch it at first, you may not feel the heat, but only after your pet stay on it, about 10 minutes, their sleeping location will achieve the temperature you set before. We suggest 40 degree is the best. Because most pet temperatue is between 38-39 degree, 36-40 degree is the most popular healthy temperature Note: 1. Please keep the pad flat when it in use (do not put it on a soft seat). 2. Put it away from children. 3. Switch off the pad when you leave. 4. Do not use it when it's wet. 5. Don't fold it when you use. It is waterproof but please do not wash it by water. Specification: Material: Durable Waterproof material Dimension: 17.12 X 17.12 inch Rated Voltage: 110V Power: 20W Package: 1 * Electric Heat Pad 1 * manual NOTE: in winter, the temperature dissipated fast without pet laying on, once pets on it, the pad will reach the temperature you set
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Pawhut 16" Indoor Electric Heated Round Dog Pet Bed

Pawhut 16
Our Pawhut indoor heated pet bed is a soft, warm, and inviting sleep area for your pet to cuddle up inside and feel the safety of an enclosed space. Inside is a soft foam base pad for added comfort. This pet bed has a safe, low-voltage heating pad that provides warm comfort for your pets while traveling in cars, or resting indoors during cold weather. Durable fabric prevents it from fading easily, even with regular use. Our electric heat pet bed is a perfect choice to be your furry friend's favorite resting place! Features: - Electric heated bed gives your pet warm, relaxing place to sleep - Works for any small animals - Durable yet soft fabric gives place your animals will love - Removable heater and pad lets you clean bed easily Specifications: - Overall: 16.1"L x 16.1"W x 5.9"H - Adapter: 12V 1A - Net weight: 0.64 lbs - Heating pad: 11.8" x 11.8"
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K&H Pet Products Thermo-Cushion Heated Pet Bed Medium Sage 26"

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Cushion Heated Pet Bed Medium Sage 26
This classic bed combines the upscale look of an attractive poly-fiber filled washable bed with the benefit of body temperature heat. Dual thermostats maintain a surface temperature approximately 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature to your pet's normal body temperature when in use. The heater is removable for washing. Recommended for indoor use. MET listed. One year limited warranty.
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KH Mfg Lectro Soft Heated Outdoor Dog Pad Medium

KH Mfg Lectro Soft Heated Outdoor Dog Pad Medium
K&H Mfg Lectro Soft Heated Outdoor Dog Pad A soft, outdoor heated bed, the Lectro Soft Heated Outdoor Dog Pad is great for outdoor shelters, basements, or anywhere that can get uncomfortably chilly for your dog. The bed is soft enough to be orthopedic, and even works in subzero temperatures. The heaters warm due to the insulation your pets body provides when lying on the pad, so they maintain a constant temperature while your pet is snuggled inside. Energy used remains low so it won't cost you or the environment. Super-soft PVC is used on the exterior to ensure the bed doesn't absorb water and stay wet like a fabric bed would. Features: Provides comforting warmth outside Works in subzero temperatures Made of soft, non-absorbent PVC Uses low wattage to control energy costs Can be used indoors One-year limited warranty Maximum interior temperature 102 degrees F Item Specifications: Sizes: Small 14" x 18" Medium 19" x 24" Large 25" x 36"
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Pet Heated Pad, Petfactors Indoor Pet Bed Warmer, 7-Level Adjustable Tem

Pet Heated Pad - Petfactors Indoor Pet Bed Warmer - 7-Level Adjustable Temperature Electric Heated Mat with Removable Waterproof Cover (Camouflage)
Help your fur baby remain warm and comfortable at all times with our heated pet pad! Our product designed with seven temperature levels for fully customizable comfort, this pet heating pad is soft and easy to clean with its removable cover. Made of fireproof PVC, this pad is not only comfortable, but durable and waterproof as well. Recommended for indoor use only. Usage: After setting up a certain temperature, the pad will start heating, when the temperature reach to your set-up temperature, the temperature will keep but not raise any more. While when the temperature is lower than your set-up temperature, the pad will start heating again. Built-in 55 °C (131℉) overheating protector prevents the high temperature burn, heating slowly on balance, more secure to continuous use for 24 hours. The heated pet pad is designed in low power 12V for safety. In winter, the most healthy and favorite temperature is 96℉-109℉ for pets, we recommend to set 40°C (104℉). Soothing heat will relax and comfort your pet's sore muscles as well as warm their bodies on a regular basis. All the three protection functions can protect the product well. 1.Our product has temperature sensor which can adjust the temperature from 25°C to 55°C/77℉-131℉ automatically and keep at the setting temperature. 2.Meanwhile it has temperature protection function which means it can stop heating when the temperature is over 55℃/131℉. 3.There is also overcurrent fuse inside the pad, so that the product can shut off in case the product become short circuited.
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Farm Innovators Model HM-100L Large 24-Inch by 29-Inch Plastic Heated Pe

Farm Innovators Model HM-100L Large 24-Inch by 29-Inch Plastic Heated Pet Mat with Fleece Cover - 100-Watt
This heated pet mat is constructed of durable and weather resistant high impact ABS plastic. With thermostatic control, it's designed to automatically heat to your pet’s body temperature range to keep them warm during the cold season. A red indicator light shows when the unit is operating. The heavy-duty anti-chew" cord protector deters your pet from chewing. For indoor or outdoor use. Comes with a Faux Lambskin Fleece Cover. 100 watts. One year limited warranty."
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BedHug BEST Dog Blanket, Cat Blanket - Attaches to Your Own Pet Bed - So

BedHug BEST Dog Blanket - Cat Blanket - Attaches to Your Own Pet Bed - Soft Burrow - Luxury Bed Blankets - MADE IN USA (Grey)- SMALL
BedHug Burrow Blankets are great for dogs and cats. This functional blanket attaches to your own pet bed to create a super cozy and snug burrow experience. Our ultra soft quality fabric makes BedHug burrow blankets a snuggly delight for your furry friend(s). With BedHug your pet will feel hugged, even when you're not around. BedHug burrow blankets are designed to fit pet beds made for small, medium, and medium/large breed dogs and cats. Our technical design includes adjustable Velcro straps, elastic, and safe no-metal boning for the perfect snug fit. A Portion Of All Proceeds Go To Animal Rescues & Shelters. 100% Polyester, Machine washable, Soft and lightweight, Durable, Easy to remove or re-attach. Proudly MADE IN USA. Get yours today by adding to cart! RISK FREE.
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Pet Heating Bed ONEVER Electric Heating Pad for Dogs Cats Warming Dog Be

Pet Heating Bed ONEVER Electric Heating Pad for Dogs Cats Warming Dog Beds Pet Mat with Chew Resistant Cord Soft Removable Cover
24 Months WarrantyONEVER Pet heating pads provides a warm and soothing place for your pet to sit or sleep when uncomfortably chilly days or nights. No on/off switch to worry about and the pet pad will never exceed the natural body temperature of a dog or cat. Durable heated pad with Plastic-wrapped chew resistant cord casing, shielding the product from a pet's chewing while also keeping pets safe. Removability the soft cover is removable and machine washable, zipper closure design could remove promptly. As human's best friends, they accompany all around us if we need, likewise we should make them feel warm and love from us. Buy one for your pet right now. Warm Tips: Risk of electrical shock This pet heating pad is an electrical product. Please read all directions before use. Failure to do so may result in electrical shock or fire causing serious bodily injury. 1. Read all instructions before using this product. 2. This heating pad is designed specifically for pets and not to be used by humans. 3. Do not use if any visible damage is apparent (cracks, tears or blistering). 4. Only use in conjunction with a pet bed, don't cover anything on heating pad. 5. Do not use cord as handle. 6. Do not puncture or use any sharp object to secure the pad in place. 7. Place cord facing to the back of the bed away from how the pet enters the bed. 8. Do not immerse pad in water, unplug when not in use Specification: Material: PVC, lint fabric Cover Color: Brown, Blue Adapter Input: AC100-240v 50/60Hz Adapter Output: DC12V 1250mA Power: 15W Waterproof: IP67 Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC, SAA, SPE, GS Size: 40*30cm / 15.7*11.8" (L*W) Net Weight: 0.4kg / 14.1oz Package Include: 1*Pets Heating Pad 1*Spare Blue Cover 1*Power Adapter, US Plug (1.4m / 4.6ft cable length) 1*User Manual
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K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad Large Tan 25" x 37"

K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad Large Tan 25
K&H Self-Warming Crate Pads will capture the pet's body heat and radiate back the warmth to the source. The 4 corners are slit to allow the pad to fit many different edges. The adjustable size makes this pad fit into many different crates. The topside of the crate pad is made from soft, inviting microfleece while the bottom has a INCH stay pet INCH non-slip fabric to keep the pad from bunching up in the crate. Simply throw the whole pad in the wash for easy cleaning and care.
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Waterproof Electric Heating Pad for Pets Dogs & Cats Thickened Warmi

Waterproof Electric Heating Pad for Pets Dogs & Cats Thickened Warming Dog Beds Pet Mat with Chew Resistant (Large 15.7
Precautions: 1. Before connecting the appliance, check that the supply voltage is the same as the voltage marked on the appliance. 2. Do not share with other heat sources. 3. Remember to turn off the switch when you don't use it. 4. Do not wash the power supply part, and not folding use, not insert the needle.
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