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Pet Heating Pad, Wrcibo Heated Dog Mat Cat Warming Pad with 7 Adjustable

Pet Heating Pad - Wrcibo Heated Dog Mat Cat Warming Pad with 7 Adjustable Temperature Settings Waterproof Chew Resistant Steel Cord 16
Provide your pet with SAFE soothing comfort and warmth with the Wrcibo Heating Pet Pad, ideal for those cold winter nights. Additional Features: - Free removable washable cover included, easy to clean - Waterproof: deals with wetness caused by accident or whelping - Fireproof: flame retardant, no worry of burning or catching fire - LED temperature display: easy to check and adjust the temperature - Low Voltage Design: DC 12V, low enough to prevent any hurt and harm to your pet - Overheating Protection: auto shut off when the temperature is over 131°F, in case the controller malfunctions - Flexible and soft, easy to fits any pet beds/ houses Specifications: Dimensions: 15.7 x 11.8 in/ 40 x 30 cm Weight: 20.5 oz/ 580 g Rated Power: 15 Watts Input: DC 12V Color: Coffee Waterproof rating: IP67 Fire rating: UL94V0 Interior Material: PVC Heat Pad Exterior Material: Soft polar fleece Certificated by: UL, ETL CE, PSE, RoHS,PAHs 7 Heat Settings of the Temperature Controller: 77°F/25℃, 86°F/30℃, 95°F/35℃, 104°F/40℃ 113°F/45℃, 122°F/50℃,131°F/55℃ 1 Year Warranty: If you encounter any issue, freely contact us. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. PLEASE NOTE: 1. Recommended setting: 104 °F /40℃ 2. Clean the pad with damp cloth. 3. The heating process takes about 10 minutes to spread, because of the very low wattage design. 4. The readout on the display is in centigrade (℃) unit. Package List: 1 x Pet heating pad (thermostat and cord included) 1 x Adapter 1 x User manual
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K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad Medium Gray 16.5&qu

K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad Medium Gray 16.5
For absolute temperature control, our Deluxe Lectro-Kennel is the perfect choice. Whether for whelping of puppies, post surgery veterinary care or just wanting that added control of temperature, Deluxe Lectro-Kennel is the professional's choice. A unique built in sensor and thermostat allow the pad's temperature to be easily adjusted. The easy to read digital readout and simple push button design make this product the only one of its kind. It comes with a free washable cover, is MET listed and has a one year warranty.
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Pet Bed and Mat - Cuddly Self Heated - Washable Comfy House for Kittens,

Pet Bed and Mat - Cuddly Self Heated - Washable Comfy House for Kittens - Cats - Dogs & Puppies - Get The Most Warm Cozy & Comfortable Shelter for your Animal
Give your cat what she loves Cats love to snooze many times during a day and research suggests that they are quite peculiar about the place. The designers of Kitty Den have invested rigorous efforts in understanding their choices and have carefully crafted each bit to ensure that your cat falls in love with it! So, if you want to provide the maximum comfort to your cat and ensure that she feels secure and relaxed while sleeping, then Kitty Den is an undisputable choice for you. What's special about Kitty Den? Unlike many other cat beds available in the market which are just pieces of clothes for lying down, our provides a unique research based solution that solves many problems: ✔ Not just a cat bed but a 2-in-1 convertible cat house that doubles as a wide mat ✔ House provides security and mat provides length to stretch ✔ Zips in a blink from a mat to a den-like cat house ✔ Smart interiors to reflect and retain body heat - keeping it naturally warm ✔ Charged fabric that attracts and retains cat's hairs within to keep your house cleaner ✔ Soft and Cozy Den your cat wouldn't want to leave ✔ Portable and Lightweight - easy to carry anywhere anytime ✔ Discourages growth of odor causing bacteria ✔ Easy to clean - safe for machine wash 100 % RISK-FREE SATISFACTION We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction to let you buy with confidence. So, why think twice? Your cat deserves the best! You know what? They love to stretch (mat) once they are done with their sleep in a secure place (Den house)! There cannot be a better single solution meeting both their needs. ORDER NOW RISK FREE AND DO A FAVOR TO YOUR CAT THAT SHE WOULD ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL FOR.
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K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat Heated Pet Bed Mocha 12.5" x

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat Heated Pet Bed Mocha 12.5
The K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat is an affordable heated sleeping mat with a dual thermostat heater buried beneath soft foam to make a comfortable napping place for cats. The surface temperature of the K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat will remain 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature when not in use by the pet. The product is designed such that the surface will only warm to full temperature when the pet is on the mat. As a simple test, you may place a pillow on top of the K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat - after about 15 minutes the under-side of the pillow should feel warm, but not hot. This is the warmth that your pet will feel when lying on the K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat.
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Namsan Pet Heating Pads for Pets with Chew Resistant Cord and Soft Remov

Namsan Pet Heating Pads for Pets with Chew Resistant Cord and Soft Removable Cover
With the addition of a Namsan Pet Bed Warmer, any pet bed can provide comfort and warmth. It can be placed inside virtually any pet bed and is easy to use. Just plug it in! It will become your cat or dog's favorite place to nap. Just give your pet a warm winter. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Why don't you feel a high temperature when you touch by hand? Actually, our pet has a body temperature. So the heating pad temperature can not be too high because it only as an external heat source supplement. This also can avoid two accidents: 1. The heating pad will not be in danger of fire because of the low volatge when you go out. 2. Avoid your pet sluggish and hair loss because of too high temperature. The temperature of most of pets is 38 - 39 degree, so 36- 43 degree is the most healthy temperature for pets in winter. So we suggest you set 40 degree for the heating pad.The pad is high-quality products that not only make sure the safty of your pets/your home,but also avoid sluggish and hair loss because of too-high tmperature. Notice: THE PRODUCT IS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR PETS *The pet pad is for indoor use only. DO NOT use it outdoors. *The Pet Pad is for pet use only. Note it is not suitable for pets that consistently chew or are destructive. *Do not use if any visible damage is apparent (cracks, tears or blistering). *Do not pull or stretch the cables. *Do not puncture or use any sharp object to secure the pad in place. *Unplug the pad when it is not in use. *Do not cover any cotton products on the pet pad when it is use, for example, blanket, clothes and so on.*Don't fold; *Don't wash and clean dry; *Put it away from children;*Switch off the pad when you leave, and do not use it when it's wet.
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K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Replacement Cover Large Fleece 25"

K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Replacement Cover Large Fleece 25
The Lectro-Soft cover is a great way to add comfort to your Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed. The faux fleece is soft and very pleasing to any dog or cat. These covers are removable and machine washable. The Lectro-Soft Covers fit our Lectro-Soft Heated Pet Beds securely and are easy to remove for washing.
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K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House, 18 x 22 x 17-Inches, Heated -

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House - 18 x 22 x 17-Inches - Heated - Olive
The K&H Outdoor Kitty House is available in both heated and unheated models and is the original Outdoor Heated Kitty House, don't be fooled by inferior imposters! K&H products are made with high quality materials for your pet's comfort and your family's safety. This heated house is excellent for use in barns, garages, porches, and anywhere your indoor/outdoor cat need additional warmth and protection. The included 20 watt MET Safety Listed and Patented Lectro-Soft Indoor/Outdoor Heated Bed inside the K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House keeps your kitties warm all winter long, even in sub-zero temperatures. The PATENTED K&H Lectro-Soft is thermostatically controlled by an internal preset thermostat to safely keep your pets warm. The K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty Houses are made with 600 denier polyester that makes it water/weather resistant. The walls and roof are insulated to protect your kitty from the harmful elements of winter. The roof of the K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House hangs over the 2 doors to keep cats warm, safe and dry. The K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House features two exits with removable plastic flaps so pets cannot be trapped by predators and yet still have sufficient protection. It's easy to assemble; with hook & loop fastener walls and a zippered roof no tools are required. It's no wonder this is a top selling item! Product includes manufacturer's one year limited warranty. The heated floor included with this product has been rigorously tested and is certified by MET Laboratories to exceed USA and Canadian electrical safety standards. Don't be deceived by electrical products that have not been tested and certified by an accredited nationally recognized testing laboratory.
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BedHug BEST Dog Blanket, Cat Blanket - Attaches to Your Own Pet Bed - So

BedHug BEST Dog Blanket - Cat Blanket - Attaches to Your Own Pet Bed - Soft Burrow - Luxury Bed Blankets - MADE IN USA (Grey)- SMALL
BedHug Burrow Blankets are great for dogs and cats. This functional blanket attaches to your own pet bed to create a super cozy and snug burrow experience. Our ultra soft quality fabric makes BedHug burrow blankets a snuggly delight for your furry friend(s). With BedHug your pet will feel hugged, even when you're not around. BedHug burrow blankets are designed to fit pet beds made for small, medium, and medium/large breed dogs and cats. Our technical design includes adjustable Velcro straps, elastic, and safe no-metal boning for the perfect snug fit. A Portion Of All Proceeds Go To Animal Rescues & Shelters. 100% Polyester, Machine washable, Soft and lightweight, Durable, Easy to remove or re-attach. Proudly MADE IN USA. Get yours today by adding to cart! RISK FREE.
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Pet Heating Bed ONEVER Electric Heating Pad for Dogs Cats Warming Dog Be

Pet Heating Bed ONEVER Electric Heating Pad for Dogs Cats Warming Dog Beds Pet Mat with Chew Resistant Cord Soft Removable Cover
24 Months WarrantyONEVER Pet heating pads provides a warm and soothing place for your pet to sit or sleep when uncomfortably chilly days or nights. No on/off switch to worry about and the pet pad will never exceed the natural body temperature of a dog or cat. Durable heated pad with Plastic-wrapped chew resistant cord casing, shielding the product from a pet's chewing while also keeping pets safe. Removability the soft cover is removable and machine washable, zipper closure design could remove promptly. As human's best friends, they accompany all around us if we need, likewise we should make them feel warm and love from us. Buy one for your pet right now. Warm Tips: Risk of electrical shock This pet heating pad is an electrical product. Please read all directions before use. Failure to do so may result in electrical shock or fire causing serious bodily injury. 1. Read all instructions before using this product. 2. This heating pad is designed specifically for pets and not to be used by humans. 3. Do not use if any visible damage is apparent (cracks, tears or blistering). 4. Only use in conjunction with a pet bed, don't cover anything on heating pad. 5. Do not use cord as handle. 6. Do not puncture or use any sharp object to secure the pad in place. 7. Place cord facing to the back of the bed away from how the pet enters the bed. 8. Do not immerse pad in water, unplug when not in use Specification: Material: PVC, lint fabric Cover Color: Brown, Blue Adapter Input: AC100-240v 50/60Hz Adapter Output: DC12V 1250mA Power: 15W Waterproof: IP67 Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC, SAA, SPE, GS Size: 40*30cm / 15.7*11.8" (L*W) Net Weight: 0.4kg / 14.1oz Package Include: 1*Pets Heating Pad 1*Spare Blue Cover 1*Power Adapter, US Plug (1.4m / 4.6ft cable length) 1*User Manual
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K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pet Mat Heated Pet Bed Sage 14" x 28&qu

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pet Mat Heated Pet Bed Sage 14
The K&H Thermo-Pet Mat is the ultimate in affordable, portable pet comfort for any small dog. Its convenient size, 14" x 28", fits almost anywhere, providing a dual thermostatically controlled warmth when in use. The Thermo-Pet Mat has removable washable covers. Recommended for year round indoor use. One year limited warranty.
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