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Milliard Indoor/Outdoor Heated Pet Pad – 18x18" with Fleece Mat,

Milliard Indoor Outdoor Heated Pet Pad – 18x18
The Milliard Indoor/Outdoor Heated Pet Pad provides a warm and soothing place for your pet to sit or sleep on those uncomfortably chilly days or nights. Its unique heating system is designed to provide a cozy haven for your pet and its rugged ABS plastic housing is safe to use either indoors or out. A fitted fleece mat is included to give your pet a soft and fuzzy padded surface for some added comfort. The unit is also powered through a non-toxic PVC-coated cord that is chew-resistant.Product Features• Extremely Durable - made out of ABS plastic• Energy Efficient - uses only 40W• Size – 18 inches long by 18 inches wide• Internal thermostat regulates temperature around 102° F• 6 Foot long PVC chew resistant cord provides easy reach.• Included soft and fuzzy cushion for your pets comfort• Great for Doghouses, kennels or any other area indoor or outdoor.The Milliard Outdoor Heated Pet Pad has been carefully manufactured with your pet's comfort and safety in mind and its durable construction should provide years of satisfaction with proper use.
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American Kennel Club Self-Heating Solid Pet Bed Size 26x18x8" , Bro

American Kennel Club Self-Heating Solid Pet Bed Size 26x18x8
Your pooch will love taking naps with it's very own self warming bed. This bed provides a quilted plush sleeping area with an internal thermal layer to reflect your pooch's body heat back to him/her/ideal for pooch's with thin hair coats for those chilly winter nights.
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K&H Thermo-Pet Mat 14" x 28", Mocha

K&H Thermo-Pet Mat 14
The K&H Thermo-Pet Mat is the ultimate in affordable, portable pet comfort for any small dog. Its convenient size, 14" x 28", fits almost anywhere, providing a dual thermostatically controlled warmth when in use. The Thermo-Pet Mat has removable washable covers. Recommended for year round indoor use. One year limited warranty.
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Farm Innovators Model HM-100L Large 24-Inch by 29-Inch Plastic Heated Pe

Farm Innovators Model HM-100L Large 24-Inch by 29-Inch Plastic Heated Pet Mat with Fleece Cover - 100-Watt
This heated pet mat is constructed of durable and weather resistant high impact ABS plastic. With thermostatic control, it's designed to automatically heat to your pet’s body temperature range to keep them warm during the cold season. A red indicator light shows when the unit is operating. The heavy-duty anti-chew" cord protector deters your pet from chewing. For indoor or outdoor use. Comes with a Faux Lambskin Fleece Cover. 100 watts. One year limited warranty."
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K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Large Brown Sqs 32-Inc

K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Large Brown Sqs 32-Inch by 40-Inch
Nothing but the best for your furry friend! The K&H Pet Products Self Warming Lounge Sleeper is the ideal pet accessory that will deliver the ultimate in comfort. The pillow sleeping surface includes a layer of special insulation that radiates warmth generated from your pets own body heat, keeping him warm and cosy all night long. The bottom liner is removable for easy wash and care.
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Pawhut 16" Indoor Electric Heated Round Dog Pet Bed

Pawhut 16
Our Pawhut indoor heated pet bed is a soft, warm, and inviting sleep area for your pet to cuddle up inside and feel the safety of an enclosed space. Inside is a soft foam base pad for added comfort. This pet bed has a safe, low-voltage heating pad that provides warm comfort for your pets while traveling in cars, or resting indoors during cold weather. Durable fabric prevents it from fading easily, even with regular use. Our electric heat pet bed is a perfect choice to be your furry friend's favorite resting place! Features: - Electric heated bed gives your pet warm, relaxing place to sleep - Works for any small animals - Durable yet soft fabric gives place your animals will love - Removable heater and pad lets you clean bed easily Specifications: - Overall: 16.1"L x 16.1"W x 5.9"H - Adapter: 12V 1A - Net weight: 0.64 lbs - Heating pad: 11.8" x 11.8"
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K&H Manufacturing 9 by 12-Inch Deluxe Animal Heated Pad Cover, Small

K&H Manufacturing 9 by 12-Inch Deluxe Animal Heated Pad Cover - Small
Our Deluxe Heated Pad Covers offer that added comfort to our outdoor heated pads. Made from faux fleece, these covers are removable and washable. The pillow case design ensures a secure fit and features a zipper closure for easy removal.
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K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Kitty Bed Dlx Hooded Large Mocha Leopard 20

K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Kitty Bed Dlx Hooded Large Mocha Leopard 20-Inch 4 Watts
The Leopard Thermo-Kitty Bed has a dual thermostat, 4 watt heating unit buried within its thick premium polyfil pillow base. It warms the surface 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature when not in use. When your pet lies in the bed it warms to your pet's normal body temperature to keep them cozy warm. The washable cover comes in two colors and is attractive in any room in the house. Indoor use only, MET Listed, one year warranty.
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Aspen Pet 80135 Self-Warming Cat Bed

Aspen Pet 80135 Self-Warming Cat Bed
Utilizing the same heat-reflecting technology found in Mylar space blankets", the Aspen Pet Self-Warming Oval Lounger is lined with a layer of material that generates warmth by reflecting the pet's own body heat. This bed is covered with faux lambs wool plush and wide wale corduroy fabrics for added comfort and warmth. Each bed comes with a non-skid bottom providing a safe and hassle-free snuggly warm bed. This is not an electric bed- no plug or electricity needed! Great for cats of all sizes and breeds.
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Petcaree Heating Pads for Pets, Warming Dog Beds, Pet Mat with Chew Resi

Petcaree Heating Pads for Pets - Warming Dog Beds - Pet Mat with Chew Resistant Cord Soft Removable Cover
◆Features This electric heating pets pads adheres to strict electrical safety standards. There is no on/off switch to worry about and the pet pad will never exceed the natural body temperature of a dog or cat. Now that's easy! ◆Safety The heating pads internal thermostats automatically heat to a dog's natural body temperature (about 102°F) and will turn on and off as needed to keep him or her warm and safe. 131°F thermal protector Never happens overheating to cause injury or other else. Ideal for newborn, convalescing and elderly pets. ◆Durability Build this durable heated pad with tough PVC and a 5.5 foot steel-wrapped chew resistant cord casing, shielding the product from a dog's chewing while also keeping pets safe. ◆Convenience Whether outdoors or indoors, use the pets heating pad anywhere a flat, stable surface is available. The pets heating pads electric water-resistant building is perfect for dog houses, porches, garage floors, barns, or even the living room. No matter where you set the heating mat, it's sure to be your dog's favorite resting place. ◆Removability The soft cover is removable and machine washable, water-resistant fabric is easy to clean. The design of zipper closure could remove promptly. ◆Useful Tips A: How to test whether the electric heating pets pads temperature heating? We recommend the most appropriate way is to sit down in a chair mat experience (usually 2 minutes or so hot,), if simply energized, the top does not cover anything, there is no way to increase the temperature and get a accurate test. B: How to Calculate °F from °C? °F=32+1.8×°C C: The most comfortable temperature for pets? 28°C~32°C / 83°F~90°F
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