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K&H Thermo-Kitty Cabin, Sage Cat Furniture

K&H Thermo-Kitty Cabin - Sage Cat Furniture
The new K&H Thermo-Kitty Cabin includes a dual thermostat 4-watt heating unit to make this the perfect warm and cozy hide away. The flexible exterior can be formed into 3 useful shapes. The Thermo-Kitty Cabin offers year-round comfort and warmth and is available in 2 colors. Indoor use only. MET Listed.
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K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Medium Black Sqs 24-In

K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Medium Black Sqs 24-Inch by 30-Inch
Nothing but the best for your furry friend! The K&H Pet Products Self Warming Lounge Sleeper is the ideal pet accessory that will deliver the ultimate in comfort. The pillow sleeping surface includes a layer of special insulation that radiates warmth generated from your pets own body heat, keeping him warm and cosy all night long. The bottom liner is removable for easy wash and care.
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Pawhut Outdoor Heated Cat House - Brown

Pawhut Outdoor Heated Cat House - Brown
As the year grows old and the temperature starts to drop, you may begin to worry about the outdoor felines that you see in your neighborhood. Outside cats may need help finding shelter during the cold winter months. While it's true that cats have furry winter coats to help them deal with the weather, they still need a warm and dry shelter to escape the chill. Here at Pawhut, we've listened to your concerns and have created the ultimate solution for your worries with our line of outdoor heated cat houses. No matter how resourceful a cat may be, they'll thank you for this meaningful contribution. You'll feel better having made a positive difference in the life of a cat, too. Features: - Heated outdoor house keeps cats warm and sheltered when the weather takes a turn for the worse - Water-resistant material is designed for use anywhere - Features two exits for safety so that your pet will not become trapped by predators - The heated pad includes a lamb wool cloth cover for additional warmth and comfort - A zippered roof allows for a quick and simple zip together design meaning that no tools are required Specifications: - Overall Dimensions: 20.5"L x 17.3"W x 16.5"H - Heated Pad Size: 15.7"L x 11.8"W - Window size: 7.9"L x 8.5"H - Color: Brown - Net Weight: 1.1lbs - Power Adapter Output: 12V, 1.25A - Material: 600D Oxford Cloth, Pearl Cotton, Sponge
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K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Temp Control

K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Temp Control
Need to adjust the temperature of your Lectro-Kennel? If your pet has special temperature needs, we recommend an optional Lectro-Temp Control. It allows a full range of heat from 102¿ to the off position. This gives you the freedom you need to adjust. It is recommended whenever Lectro-Kennel pads are used for whelping, puppies, elderly or recovering pets.
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Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed, 20-Inch by 16-Inch, Chocolate Brown

Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed - 20-Inch by 16-Inch - Chocolate Brown
The Aspen Pet Oval Bed will surround your pet in softness. Perfectly sized for small or toy breed dogs, this pet bed has raised bolstered sides that give your pet 360° of decadent comfort. The plush fabric Oval Bed is stuffed with high-loft, polyester fiber and features a decorative bone applique. Bed is machine washable for easy cleaning.
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K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Kitty Café 12Oz/24Oz 8.5-Inch by 14-Inch 3

K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Kitty Café 12Oz 24Oz 8.5-Inch by 14-Inch 30 Watts
No more frozen food and water Outdoor cats can now enjoy fresh wet food and drinking water, even in sub-freezing temperatures. The easy to remove stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe. Both sides of the unit can be used for food, water or one of each. MET listed. One year limited warranty.
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K&H Manufacturing Ortho Bolster Sleeper Small Brown Velvet 20-Inch

K&H Manufacturing Ortho Bolster Sleeper Small Brown Velvet 20-Inch
Superior comfort with the added security of a bolster. This bed sits on top of 3" of medical grade orthopedic foam, while the bolster is filled with premium polyfil made from recycled plastic bottles. The bed is made from soft, upholstery grade velvet and the sleeping surface is covered with super-soft microfleece. This bed is luxury from top to bottom. the cover is removable for easy machine wash and care. Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors.
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Kittycentric Cozy Cat Cave Bed - Handmade 100% Wool, Large (Grey/Midnigh

Kittycentric Cozy Cat Cave Bed - Handmade 100% Wool - Large (Grey Midnight Blue)
For indoor pets that love a little extra comfort, this bed is sure to be a favorite! Handcrafted in Nepal in complimentary color combinations this design will suit any décor and the hypoallergenic merino wool makes it perfect for pets with allergies. This large sized version is approximately 19 inches in diameter with a 9 inch opening making it suitable for pets up to 20 pounds. It can be used as a cocoon, a mat, or any variation your pet chooses in between! This is a great gift to give someone getting a new kitten since it offers a safe, cozy retreat while the kitten acclimates to its new surroundings.
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HappycareTex Pet Cave Bed for Dogs and Cats, 25-Inches Red Machine washa

HappycareTex Pet Cave Bed for Dogs and Cats - 25-Inches Red Machine washable by HappyCare Textiles
Give your pooch a soft and cozy haven with this cave-style cozy pet bed! This bed mimics a den and will see your pooch through whatever it is he or she desires. Be it a quick snooze, a long winter`s nap, or a place to chew toys, this is a super sweet accessory fido can call his own. And with the zip-off dome top, your pup can use this bed year round or even get a little bit of extra room to really stretch out. Your furry friend is certain to fall in love with this fabulous place to ll and chew to his heart`s content.
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K&H Kitty Hideout, Unheated, Gray, Black Squares

K&H Kitty Hideout - Unheated - Gray - Black Squares
This sturdy Kitty Hideout consists of a high fashion print and soft fleece for comfort. This is a great place for your pet to find some peace and quiet. The house has hard plastic walls that stand the test of time. Kitties can sleep inside or rest on top. Available in heated and non-heated. Zips apart and lays flat for shipping and storage. Indoor use only. 1-Year warranty.
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