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Thermal Cat Pet Dog Warming Bed Mat - GREY, (Leopard Motif) 22" L x

Thermal Cat Pet Dog Warming Bed Mat - GREY - (Leopard Motif) 22
This cozy mat features a lightweight core that actually reflects pet's own body heat back to the animal. Provides soothing comfort to cats, kittens, aging pets, nursing females, or animals recovering from illness or injury. Machine-washable pad features a grey leopard-print motif. Measures: 22" L x 19" W.
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Soft Safe Heated Bed Pad Warmer 30cm 15w for Dog Cat/reptile Pet Red by

Soft Safe Heated Bed Pad Warmer 30cm 15w for Dog Cat reptile Pet Red by Generic
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DK Cozy 2-in-1 Pet house and Sofa Non-Slip Dog Cat Igloo Beds 3-Size,Spo

DK Cozy 2-in-1 Pet house and Sofa Non-Slip Dog Cat Igloo Beds 3-Size - Spotty Brown Small
DK 2-in-1 house & sofa can be easily assembled/disassembled for machine wash or just take them along when traveling. This house is made from ultra-soft polyfoam and covered with high quality fabric which provide a secured and cozy environment for your pets. The bottom of the house is made with anti-slip materials helps to keep the house on the same spot as you placed them. - 2 in 1 comfy pet house & sofa - Comfy, warm and cozy - Press the upper convert in seconds from a house to a full size sofa beds - Cats love hiding, playing and lounging in the Semi-Round House design - Warm and soft with removable snuggly inner pad - Anti-Slip material on the bottom keeps it onto to place - Portable and lightweight - Machine washable SIZE REFERENCE Small: 14"L x 11"W x 11"H (37cm x 30cm x 30cm), recommended for pets < 3KG Medium: 18"L x 14"W x 13"H (47cm x 35cm x 33cm), recommended for pets < 7KG Large: 22"L x 18"W x 17"H (60cm x 47cm x 45cm), recommended for pets < 10KG PACKAGE INCLUDED 1 x DK 2-in-1 Pet Houst&Sofa
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Cat Bed Relax Station Cave and House - COOL WOOL All Natural Eco Friendl

Cat Bed Relax Station Cave and House - COOL WOOL All Natural Eco Friendly Handmade Colorful Felt Cat Beds
HOW IT IS MADE: ★ We use the technology of Wet Felting to our Superior Quality Wool, making it into a dense fabric. It is then hand-molded into a Cave. We don't use any synthetic fabrics. ★ We guarantee that it will not fall apart. It is one whole product made without any stitches. Colored Felt Wool are added using Needle Felting, which is Permanently Embroidered. FEATURES: ★ Overall Product Diameter is 19 Inches in Average ★ Each Cat Cave is Hand Pressed making it super tight and strong ★ Unique and Elegant Cocoon shaped for perfect Hideout ★ Modern Colorful Design ★ Designed for Maximum Comfort ★ Perfect Gift for your Beloved Pets and Pet Lovers ★ Premium Quality Sheep wool from New Zealand ★ Adds Extra Element to Home Décor ★ Felt Wools have natural self-cleaning characteristic by repelling odor, dirt and stains BENEFITS: ★ Provides Warmth and Comfort ★ Perfect for Cats to Play, Nap, Rest, Relax and Sleep Inside or on Top ★ Hand Made with care and designed to make your cat feel at Home ★ Keeps your cat warm in the winter and cool in the summer ★ Suitable for 1 large cat, 2 small cats, Clowder of Kitten and even a small dog ★ 7 Inch Wide Opening for all sizes of Cats ★ Can be used as a Padded Mat ★ Fits any room in your house ★ Satisfaction Guaranteed HOW TO CLEAN: ★ It can be easily cleaned by wiping dirt with a clean, dry cloth or soft sponge with water and soap ★ If needed, gently hand wash in cool water with wool cleaner and leave it to dry ★ Do not use hot water ★ You can also use Use vacuum cleaner TIP: ★ You know your Cat loves sunlight. Keep Cool Wool Cat Cave in the Sunlight and your pet will never leave its home. ★ ★ ★ ★ Happy Cat makes Life Happy So, Give your Cat a Purr-fect and Unique House ★ ★ ★ ★
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Vangardio Thermal Mat - Self Warming Heating Pad Bed for Pets Cats Dogs

Vangardio Thermal Mat - Self Warming Heating Pad Bed for Pets Cats Dogs - Grooming Glove and Hair Comb Bonus Included - Perfect 3 in 1 Bundle Gift Set for your Pet Happiness
Your pet deserves your attention that's no doubt about it. At Vangardio® we know that, and for that reason, we have created a Pet Heated Self-Warming Thermal Pad to suits your cat or dog needs. Also, we have built this 3-in-1 Bundle Set so that everything to be at your disposal. Just imagine, your pet feeling great laying on the heated pad while you glide through his hair nicely. Yes, we love that too! The Vangardio® Thermal Pad Mat is an economical solution for having a self-heated sleeping mat for your beloved pet. This cozy thermal cat mat contains an insert that reflects your pet's body heat back to stay warm, without electricity. It's washable, anti-slip and it's easy to fold and store. The Thermal Mat inside padding is hypoallergenic and made from the same super-insulating material used in aviation. It is safe and ecological for pet use providing enough heat for the pets to relax. The Mat Bed outside cover is super comfy and soft like velvet while is wash same for both machine or manual removing dirt or hair. Pet Grooming Glove is keeping your cat's or dog's coat brushed frequently is quite advisable if you want to have a healthy pet. This soft, slip-on grooming glove allow you to brush away loose hair from your pet in no time. Pet Hair Comb was created to help pet owners to be able to remove dirt, hair, fleas and almost anything else from your pets. This small comb is a perfect tool that has to be in every pet lover arsenal. Your cat or dog will love it and relax while using it. The 3 in 1 Bundle Set is perfect gift for your lovely pet in any occasion.
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K&H Pet Products Thermo-Hooded Lounger Bed Small

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Hooded Lounger Bed Small
The K&H Thermo-Hooded Lounger offers privacy, security, comfort and warmth to any indoor pet. Now that is the lap of luxury if you ask me! This MET safety listed electrically heated pet bed features a removable zip-off hood and a removable 4 watt MET safety listed heater. The heater has dual thermostats that provide the perfect amount of pet-pleasing warmth while offering you the safety and efficiency of a low wattage safety listed heater. The bed's fill is premium polyfil that is made from recycled bottles and the bed is machine washable. (be sure to remove the heater first of course). The sleeping surface measures about 13" x 17" and will accomodate most cats and small dogs. The sleeping surface is made of an ultra-plush microfleece that is extremely soft to the touch and is a breeze to keep clean. Perfect heated pet bed for cats, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Silky or Yorkie Terriers, Pomeranians, Dachshunds, Jack Russells and any small breed of dog.Testing Your New K&H Heated Pet Bed - You'll notice that your K&H Indoor Heated Bed may not feel warm to the touch when your pet is not on the bed. That is normal!! K&H Indoor Heated Beds are designed to remain 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature when your pet is not in the bed. These innovative heated beds only warm to optimal temperature only when your pet is lying in the bed. You can test your K&H heated bed by placing a pillow or book on the sleeping surface of the bed. After about 15 minutes, feel under the pillow or book. It will feel warm, not hot. This is the gentle warmth your pet feels when enjoying their K&H Heated Pet Bed.
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Microwave Pet Heating Pad - Bed Warmer Last 10 Hours of Safe Warmth, 1 R

Microwave Pet Heating Pad - Bed Warmer Last 10 Hours of Safe Warmth - 1 Replace Cover Included
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Dolce Vita Therabed Heated Pet Bed Mobility Pack by ColdHeat (Portable B

Dolce Vita Therabed Heated Pet Bed Mobility Pack by ColdHeat (Portable Battery Pack)
The optional mobility pack features a rechargeable battery that provides up to seven hours of cord-free operation at home or on the go for your Therabed Heated Pet Bed. Now you can take your pets favorite bed with you wherever you go.
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New MTN-G Kitty Cat House Heater Cushion Waterproof Sleep Shelter Bed Ou

New MTN-G Kitty Cat House Heater Cushion Waterproof Sleep Shelter Bed Outdoors Pet-Brown
Do you still worry that your little kitty don't have warm house to stay this coming cold winter? will provide your cat with a warm shelter. Equipped with the heated cushion, this floor could warm your cat's normal body temperature when lying on the body with only 12 watts. Also, the waterproof materials permit the house could be placed in garage, barn, porch, etc. This heated house will keep the kitties warm and cozy in the whole winter. Features : • Durable and solid with 600D oxford and pearl wool materials • Equipped with heated cushion, making the kitty warm • Waterproof materials permit the house could be placed outdoors • The house is fixed with one zipper • American standard plug • Easy assembly required Specifications: • Material: 600D oxford, pearl wool • Color: Brown • Net Weight: 4.4lbs • Overall Dimension: 21.3"L×15.0"W×13.0"H • Heated Cushion Size: 15.7"L×11.8"W • Window Size: ?8.3" • Power: 12V/1.25A
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Heated Cat Pod/2 Doors

Heated Cat Pod 2 Doors
WE TURNED THE POD UPSIDE DOWN TO SOLVE A PROBLEM WITH WIND DRIVEN RAIN GETTING IN AROUND THE TOP. These coolers are very well insulated and the Cat can easily warm it up with it's own body heat. Made from an Igloo or Coleman 48 qt cooler with 2 Trixie Doors. Pod measures 21" x 12" x 11" deep on the inside. There is a piece of removable carpet on the floor. Also includes Heated Pad making your cat even more warm and cozy. Heated Pad Features: •Recommended for outdoor and indoor use •Only 25 watts •Chew resistant features •Thermostatically controlled to warm to animals normal body temperature • PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT SHIP TO P.O. BOXES SHIPS TO LOWER 48 ONLY. SHIPPING WEIGHT 15LBS OVERSIZE 16"X16"X26" PLEASE NOTE THAT SINCE THESE ITEMS ARE USED FOR LIVE ANIMALS WE CANNOT DO RETURNS UNLESS THE ITEM IS DAMAGED DURING SHIPPING.
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