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SHOWHASH Pet Buddies Ball Toy, Ball Dog Toy, Produced From Food-grade, B

Product Dimensions
Length6.7"x Width3.6" x Height1.6"

To Promote the Feelings Between People and Dogs
The toy can be master and dog with the play together,playing with a dog helps to promote one another's feelings.

Help Clean the Teeth
The special grooves of the toy can help clean the teeth and interdental spaces of your dogs,exercises the teeth and the little nubbins on the bone help clean the teeth of plaque.

Safe Material
Produced from food-grade, BPA-free TPR (thermo-plasticized rubber) material, non-toxic material.

SHOWHASH Pet Buddies Ball Toy - Ball Dog Toy - Produced From Food-grade - BPA-free TPR Material (green) Features

  1. 4.Have a toy that can appeal to pet, it can accompany your pet when you are busy, help it solve boredom, molars, play, enhance the pet's IQ
  2. 3.Unique Surface Design:Uneven surface features a gum-massaging,promotes healthy teeth and gums,Non-abrasive material will not wear down your dog's teeth
  3. 2.Decompression:Use with your pet's toy treats, keeps dogs busy and happy while their owner is away,good toys can attract their interest,let the dogs play sports,thereby ensuring their health.
  4. 1. Bright colors plus no regular surface shape, is conducive to stimulate the dog's perception system, in time without any companions will not feel bored.

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