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Schnauzer, Uncropped Key Chain "Spinning Pet Key Chains"Double

Announcing the hottest new key chain style out; Schnauzer Spinning Pet Key Chains! This is the perfect way to not only keep your keys in order but to show off your adorable pet as well. Each key chain is made of a heavy quality metal material to ensure durability and strength. The Schnauzers face is featured in the center of the oval shaped design, and the center can easily spin around. The outline of the key chain has the breed name written on the bottom and has cute little paws and dog bones around the edges. Each one measures 4 inches long, including the chain, and 1.5 inches wide. These key chains are unique and trendy making them a perfect gift for Schnauzer lovers and owners for any occasion.

Schnauzer - Uncropped Key Chain "Spinning Pet Key Chains"Double Sided Spinning Center With Schnauzer - Uncroppeds Face Made Of Heavy Quality Metal Unique Stylish Schnauzer - Uncropped Gifts Features

  1. Stylish Design
  2. Durable to keep all your keys safe and in one place
  3. Great way to show off your Schnauzer
  4. Unique spinning center
  5. Spinning Middle Face
  6. Colorful Design
  7. High Quality Metal

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