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Safety Cabinet Lock Baby Proofing Kit 10 Piece - Adjustable Child Safety

Just grow up happy, do not hurt!
Children and Family Security Suite to protect your baby!
Your children are growing every day, every day in the discovery of new world. But we can not ignore the security risks at home, deft get design a perfect home safety kit to help you protect your baby, let your children enjoy the game at home, healthy growth。
The suite includes Children and Family Safety:
♥ 4 x Multi-Purpose child safety locks
♥ 4 x baby proofing corner guards
♥ 2 x Door Stopper
♥ 12 pieces of industrial-strength double-sided tape
Multi-Purpose child safety locks:
♥Powerful, flexible and durable.
♥Two-button control, both sides can control adjustment.
♥Adjustable length.
♥High quality strong double-sided adhesive tape.
♥Parents easy to install and use, and difficult for children to open.
♥High-quality, non-toxic plastic.
If you need to remove multi-function security lock, to prevent the removal process causes damage to the surface can be heated for 3-5 minutes with a hair dryer at the junction, can be easily removed and reused!
Baby proofing corner guards:
♥Easy to install and remove.
♥Completely transparent, does not affect the natural beauty of the furniture.
♥Seamless double-sided adhesive strength.
♥Suitable for many sharp edges and corners of a right triangle, such as desks, tables, beds, bookcases, stairs, etc.
Door Stopper:
♥Cute cartoon design, kids will love.
♥Flexible lightweight material, non-toxic, durable, soft, does not damage the paint and wood products.
♥Avoid sudden closing harm to the baby's fingers. ♥Keeping the door ajar, parents can easily hear or observe the child in the room, confidently allow your children activities.
Well, now order it to give the best gift for your child! Also a nice gift to give a friend!

Safety Cabinet Lock Baby Proofing Kit 10 Piece - Adjustable Child Safety Cabinet Locks - Table Edge & Corner Guards - Door Stopper Protector Set - Home Safety Kits Gift by Deftget TM Features

  1. Adjustable safety locks : suitable for many occasions, unique security lock can be adjusted at both ends,both powerful and flexible, easy to install on a flat surface and furniture corners.Easily adjusted to achieve the best protective effect.
  2. Non-toxic Reusable: our security lock kit after several safety and durability testing,environmental non-toxic,the use of child safety materials.The removal process may use hair dryer heating safe connection lock is removed after 3-5 minutes,easy to remove and reuse.
  3. Easy to install: no screws, no drilling, unique design, easy to install the parents,and the child is difficult to open it. With adhesive for environmentally safe installation,without damaging the furniture, it is easy to remove.
  4. Perfect protection: the perfect home child safety kits,there are dozens of uses,make sure that your children are safe at home,away from windows and doors,cabinets,appliances,drawers,refrigerators,trash, toilet and other harm. So you and your kids enjoyable activity time.

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