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Premium Pet Deodorizer By Pet Diesel | Organic Deodorant With Enzyme &am

Keep Your Pet Clean, Fresh & Lively With This Organic Deodorant Spray! Are you sick and tired of spray deodorants that simply cover the smell and not really eliminating it? Do you worry about harsh chemicals touching your baby dog's furry coat and you need something all natural to find your peace of mind? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the most advanced natural enzyme formula that will be loved by all pets and pet owners! Relaxed Pets With Fresh Smell & Bacteria Elimination Deodorant SprayThis pet deodorant spray is meticulously designed to provide your dog not only a fresh smelling coat but also exterminate lurking bacteria that cause these unpleasant odors. The Chamomile and Lavender combination in this de-stress spay will keep your baby pet relaxed and you happy for much longer! Try it today and see the results for yourself. Organic -Powerful - Pet Deodorizer: To The Rescue!Our pet odor and stain removal spray is boosted with Tea Tree Oil extracts and organic Witch Hazel and is completely safe for use even on a daily basis. Our bottle is extremely handy, easy to use and carry it with you either inside the house or outdoors. What are you waiting for? Get your pet deodorant spray today and see your dog all happy again! Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now While Supplies Last!

Premium Pet Deodorizer By Pet Diesel | Organic Deodorant With Enzyme & Calming Lavender Scent | Odor Elimination & Bacteria Removal | For Dogs - Cats & More Features

  1. ☢ MULTIPURPOSE CALMING & REFRESHING DEODORIZING SPRAY: Pet Diesel Lavender Scent Pet Deodorizer is great for all pets no matter how small or big they are. It will multi-function, not only as an odor removal spray but as a carpet deodorizer as well. Use it on carpets or areas where you pet is hanging around so as to eliminate smells. At the same time keep your four-legged friend relaxed and smelling fresh thus triggering strong emotional responses and reducing pet anxiety.
  2. ☢ EASY TO USE SPRAY DEODORIZER: Forget all about messy lotions and oily sprays that leave residues and trust your beloved pets with our easy to use spray in 3 steps. Wipe or clean your pet or pet bedding if they are dirty and from 6 inches away spray mist generously and directly onto your pet's coat or bedding. Just remember to shake well before use! Spray head, legs, tail and generally the whole body!
  3. ☢ ORGANIC INGREDIENTS BLEND FOR SAFE USE: Upon designing this organic blend deodorant we tried to make it extremely safe to use. That is why it consists of high quality organic ingredients, oils and extracts. It has distilled water with no impurities, organic Witch Hazel which fights stubborn itching, and marvelous lavender essential oils.
  4. ☢ THE ULTIMATE LAVENDER SCENTED PET DEODORIZER: If you are looking for the greatest yet most organic pet deodorizer for your pet, then we got you covered. We have the ultimate organic formula that will keep unpleasant odors away from your pets, keep it fresh and perky but at the same time strong and healthy! Eliminate bacteria growth, let your pet's coat shine and feel calm and relaxed with this lavender scented deodorant.

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