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Pet Support Systems Washable Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed for Dog, X-Large

Dog Trainer Recommended - 100's of Satisfied Dogs and Owners

Why are Pet Support Systems dog beds hands down the best orthopedic dog beds you can buy? Our pet beds are born from the same research and experience as our high end luxury therapeutic mattresses ($2500 - $5000) sold in luxury retailers across the globe. From the same loving hands of our Southern California craftsman come the world's finest pet beds.

What you should know when purchasing a quality dog bed...
1. Foam - None of our competitors on Amazon are using US made certified foam which means they are using imported foam (most likely Chinese). In order to make money they have to use an inferior, cheaper foam, which means it will break down much quicker than our Certi-Pur foam and your bed will last far longer without degradation. Also, the imported foam has very little to no regulations and often has a strong (sometimes toxic) odor (check our competitors reviews), ours does not as it is certified non-toxic.

2. Construction - You are looking at an XL dog bed which means your dog probably weighs a lot. Your dog requires comfort and support and that is why it is necessary to have a 2" HR support layer and 2" memory foam comfort layer. You do not want a 4" all memory foam dog bed (especially imported memory foam that is not really even a 3lb foam). We use a real 4 lb memory foam on top of a truly supportive base foam that will last for years. One feel of our beds and you will recognize the difference.

The result, a scientifically supportive bed for your aging dog, great prevention for your puppies as well.
These are the most supportive and comfortable dog beds made. You will be more than pleased, we promise. Buy With Confidence and A 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well as a full 3 year materials warranty.

Pet Support Systems Washable Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed for Dog - X-Large - 40-Inch x 35-Inch x 4-Inch - Blue Denim Features

  1. Our water resistant inner lining protects the foam from absorbing any accidents or bodily fluids from your pet. Our pet beds are made to last and to be as user friendly as possible.
  2. Best of all, we are so confident that you and your pet will love this bed that we fully stand behind our products 100%.
  3. Pet Support Systems pet beds are made from 20 years of mattress ingenuity. We have been making ultra-luxury therapeutic memory foam dog beds for almost 20 years.
  4. Pet Support Systems Pet Beds are the best pet beds in the world. DO NOT BUY ANOTHER PET BED BEFORE TRYING OURS! Made from our exclusive high density 4 lb. memory foam to instantly contour & support your dog's bone structure and posture to relieve pressure and ease pain from arthritis.

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