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Pet Bed and Mat - Cuddly Self Heated - Washable Comfy House for Kittens,

Give your cat what she loves

Cats love to snooze many times during a day and research suggests that they are quite peculiar about the place. The designers of Kitty Den have invested rigorous efforts in understanding their choices and have carefully crafted each bit to ensure that your cat falls in love with it!

So, if you want to provide the maximum comfort to your cat and ensure that she feels secure and relaxed while sleeping, then Kitty Den is an undisputable choice for you.

What's special about Kitty Den?
Unlike many other cat beds available in the market which are just pieces of clothes for lying down, our provides a unique research based solution that solves many problems:

✔ Not just a cat bed but a 2-in-1 convertible cat house that doubles as a wide mat
✔ House provides security and mat provides length to stretch
✔ Zips in a blink from a mat to a den-like cat house
✔ Smart interiors to reflect and retain body heat - keeping it naturally warm
✔ Charged fabric that attracts and retains cat's hairs within to keep your house cleaner
✔ Soft and Cozy Den your cat wouldn't want to leave
✔ Portable and Lightweight - easy to carry anywhere anytime
✔ Discourages growth of odor causing bacteria
✔ Easy to clean - safe for machine wash


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction to let you buy with confidence.

So, why think twice? Your cat deserves the best! You know what? They love to stretch (mat) once they are done with their sleep in a secure place (Den house)! There cannot be a better single solution meeting both their needs.


Pet Bed and Mat - Cuddly Self Heated - Washable Comfy House for Kittens - Cats - Dogs & Puppies - Get The Most Warm Cozy & Comfortable Shelter for your Animal Features

  1. EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - The cat bed is very lightweight and portable, making it easy to handle or carry along. Easy portability allows you to use it indoor (on a bed, table, chair, floor, etc.) or outdoor (gardens, porch, courtyard, etc.) - ensuring a comfortable sleep for your lovable pet. Not only this, it is also very easy to clean - be it hand-wash or machine wash.
  2. NO MORE HAIRY HOUSE - The charged surface of the plush fabric ensures that all your kitty's loose hair are attracted to it like steel to a magnet - preventing spread of hair throughout the house. Cleaner tables, chairs, bed and floor - means cleaner house!
  3. NATURALLY WARM LIKE BLANKET - THAT'S WHAT A CAT LOVES - Cats love to snooze in thermal warm places. Kitty Den has been designed while keeping this in mind. It uses intelligent materials and design, which provide natural warmth and great ambience. The fabric and design both ensure that your cat and kitten's body heat is reflected and retained within, thus keeping her warm - the way she loves it!
  4. BUY YOUR CAT A HOUSE NOT JUST A BED - Measuring "35 x 22 x 10 inches" Kitty Den is a smart, convertible, soft and cozy den-like house for your cat. Assuring your cat of her safety and providing her the personal space she loves. The amazing part is cat house can be unzipped in a blink to convert into a soft and warm mat on which your cat can comfortably stretch.

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