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OWIKAR Wool Felt Pets Bed, Pet Traveling Carrier Bag Bed House Foldable


Color: brown, gray
Material: Felt cloth
Weight: 2.1lb
Size: 48x40x40cm/18.9x15.75x15.75in
Applicable: suitable for about 8 kilograms of pets


Foldable pet nest, portable and convenient to go out
Fashionable and beautiful appearance, warm and comfortable
Suitable for small dogs and cats
Give your pet a nice kennel, make your pet have a good sleep, the portable design allows you to travel with your pet, camping.

Package Includes:

1 x Pet Nest

1. Keep the pet bed in a quiet place, the dog and the cat are very alert, and most of them are in a shallow sleep state, so most sleep will wake up once they hear the movement. So in order to ensure that a good sleep, try to place the pet nest in the quiet and the less crowd walking places.
2. If you find that the pet does not want to go back to sleep in the bed, the owner of the pet will be issued a ""no"" password, While putting the pet back on its own bed. So repeated training a few times, you can make the pet gradually develop a good habit of sleeping in a fixed place.
3. Be sure to regularly clean up the pet bed, it can be said that this is a very important work, some owners tend to ignore the problem. But long-term don't clean-up is often led to the main culprit of pet infection skin disease. So for the health of pets to consider, we must regularly clean pet bed, if the sun is good, then you can take out the pet bed drying sun, you can simply sterilization.
4. Give the pet to provide some toys, like a dog because of the molar will be bite, if they bite the dog bed is easy to eat, this must pay attention.

OWIKAR Wool Felt Pets Bed - Pet Traveling Carrier Bag Bed House Foldable Portable Deformable Dog Bed Multifunctional Nest Animal Cave House (Grey) Features

  1. Practical design: This design pet cat cat carrier, when not placed can be folded, do not take up space, use it more convenient.
  2. Portable and durable: The portable position is decorated with PU leather, which is more labor-efficient and more durable. Air curtain ventilation ventilation, pet feel breathable and comfortable. Sleep bette.
  3. Natural wool felt: The pet carring bag is made of natural wool felt. resistant tear and bite. very soft and warm, and the role of breathable antibacterial. It provides antibacterial properties for your pet, easy to clean, no itch, no smell.
  4. 3 in 1 multi-function: One nest Three uses. can be portable, can be open wide, foldable. The portable function can easy and convenient with a pet go out . After the open wide is the pet bed.

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