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Dog Pack With Toys, Brush And Toothbrush: Manual Ball Thrower With Ergon

The Most Essential Set For Every Dog Lover!

Do you have a dog and want to give him the very best?

Are you looking for the right toys and accessories to keep your buddy happy and healthy?

This Dog Pack gives you everything you've been looking for and more!

Everything You Need To Keep Your Buddy Entertained!

This awesome dog pack has all the toys, tools and accessories you need to keep your best friend happy, healthy and occupied!

The set includes:

  • A manual ball thrower
  • Tennis balls
  • A rope toy
  • A hairbrush
  • A dog toothbrush
  • Fun And Exercise

    Your dog needs to exercise daily and what's a better way to do itthan a game of fetch?

    The manual ball thrower will be a life saver for every dog owner that wants to play with his buddy without hurting his back!

    The premium quality ball thrower has a convenient and ergonomic handle that is long enough to keep you from having to bend all the time so you can enjoy playing with your dog without the pain and hassle!

    Dental Health Matters

    Your dog's teeth and gums need to stay clean and healthy and this is why you'll find a specially designed toothbrush in the dog pack.

    And if you want to keep your dog's teeth clean in a more entertaining way, we also include a strong rope toy that will effectively floss your dog's teeth while he's playing!

    Healthy On The Inside, Beautiful On The Outside

    And to keep your buddy's fur in top condition we give you a high quality brush that will gently untangle your dog's fur and keep his coat shiny and healthy for a beautiful look!

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    Dog Pack With Toys - Brush And Toothbrush: Manual Ball Thrower With Ergonomic Handle And Tennis Balls For Fun And Exercise - Toothbrush And Dog Chew Rope For Dental Health - Hair Brush For Shiny Coat Features

    1. SHINY AND SOFT FUR:We want to give you everything you need to keep your dog healthy, happy and beautiful! In the pack you'll find a high quality brush that will help you keep your buddy's fur strong, healthy and shiny! Brush the hair oftento give it a beautiful shine while gently caressing your puppy!
    2. HEALTHY TEETH FOR YOUR DOG: In this dog pack you will find a toothbrush to clean and take care of your buddy's teeth. Also, the rope toy is a great way to floss your dog's teeth while he's having fun. With the rope you can satisfy your dog's natural urge to chew so you can keep your furniture and shoes safe!
    3. ENDLESS HOURS OF FUN: The set includes a manual ball thrower that will help you throw balls to your dog faster and farther in the easiest way possible. The ergonomic long handle of the thrower will allow you to play with your dog effortlessly, without having to bend. In the set you will also find 2 tennis balls that are very durable and strong so you can play with your furry friend and help him exercise to stay healthy, all while having fun!
    4. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE PACK: This amazing dog pack has everything a dog lover could ask for! The pack gives you all the essential accessories to keep your furry friend healthy and happy! The set includes a manual ball thrower, 2 tennis balls, a dog hair brush, a toothbrush and a rope toy! Spend some quality time with your best buddy and keep him healthy and happy with our amazing toys and accessories!

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