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Dog Lift Support Harness Rehabilitation-Assist Sling for Medium & La

Your Best Friend
Has been with you for a while now and may need some help standing or recovering. Our products are specially designed for you to help them.

This dog harness support lift will make it easier to help with your pet's mobility. It's comfortable and perfect for their condition. It's painful to watch them struggle to get up.

I wish I had known about these types of products when my 15yr old Black Lab was having joint problems and could barely stand up. I could have brought this and wrapped it around him and then when it was time to go outside, gently helped him up.

**Well at least you can help your big puppy not suffer as much.**

Dog Lift Support Harness Rehabilitation-Assist Sling for Medium & Large Size Older Disabled Injured Dogs Bad Joints Balance Mobility Features

  1. ASSISTS OLD/DISABLED DOG - Helps injured or older dogs move and get up without the struggle.
  2. MAKES IT EASIER - Great sling for recovering from surgeries or other major events in your best friend's life.
  3. IMPROVES MOBILITY - Provides gentle lifting and guidance into cars, up stairs, or inclines.
  4. HELP YOUR DOG STAND UP - Comfortably and carefully assist your old friend in standing up.

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