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Dog Gone Dog Car Pet Seat Cover Hammock with Gray Machine Washable Fleec

We reverse engineered the best and more expensive seat cover and cut the price. Then we fixed the short comings by adding a removable fleece mat that extends the life and usefulness

Our seat cover can be used alone without the fleece mat and is as good or better than any seat cover on the market. During our design phase we saw that many customers complain about cleaning their seat cover. Seat covers can absorb pee and dirt creating smells and spreading germs. Machine washing can ruin them. You wouldn't wash a tent in a washing machine. Machine drying ruins waterproofing and non-slip backs. The only thing you can do is hang them on a clothes line and air dry them

Our removable fleece mat solves this and other problems. Unlike regular seat covers, it absorbs liquids and attracts pet hair. If you have a puppy, you can slip a puppy pad between the mat and seat cover to absorb accidents. The fleece is soft and soothing to your dog calming nervous dogs. Seat covers are usually slick causing dogs to slip and slide while the vehicle is in motion. The mat provides traction

Our hammock option keeps your dog from falling on the floor during hard stops. Seat anchors keep it from collapsing and allow you to pull the seat cover tight for a custom fit look. The nonslip backing keeps it from sliding under your dog

We added seat flaps to protect your seat sides from scratches. Seat belt accessibility allows you to tether your dog in the back seat using seat belt extenders. A non-tear nylon storage bag provides neat storage when not in use

Our seat cover can be used without the fleece mat. Replacement mats are available for use in different color cars or when they wear out extending the life of your new seat cover

A LIFETIME Guarantee protects you against manufacturing defects but we can't guarantee counterfeits sold by other sellers. You must buy from Dog Gone Dog to get the guarantee

Dog Gone Dog Car Pet Seat Cover Hammock with Gray Machine Washable Fleece Mat - 2 Piece Set - Waterproof - Nonslip + Seat Flaps - 58" X 54" Wide Features

  1. 2- PIECE SET WITH PREMIUM FEATURES - The seat cover has leather reinforced straps, a full non slip back and oversized seat anchors to hold the cover in place, Velcro-sealed seat belt access for back seat passengers or dog seat belt leashes, heavy-duty construction, storage pocket, nylon storage bag. WE ELIMINATED THE MAIN SEAM that occasionally failed in our first model. Includes 1 Seat Cover, 1 Fleece Mat
  2. SAFER FOR YOUR DOG - Our dog hates leather and vinyl seats because she slips and slides and can't relax. Our mat gives your dog traction so he can walk or move around. Hook it to the front seat head rests to form a hammock to keep your dog from falling on the floor. Or let it fall to the floor when you share the back seat with a passenger. Includes 2 seat belt leashes to keep your dog in the back seat or from jumping out of the window
  3. EASIEST TO CLEAN - Keep the slush, snow and mud off your seats. Simply detach the mat and throw it in the washer to clean it. Most seat covers keep your seats clean but are harder to clean than the seats. Since most are made of canvas and plastic or rubber, they shouldn't be placed in a washer/dryer. Waterproofing doesn't trap dog hair, dander or dirt so your car still gets dirty. Our mat also absorbs melted snow, ice and water and traps hair and dander like a magnet
  4. PAMPER YOUR DOG - Does your dog sit on blankets, pillows or even your laundry? Dogs love soft. Do you like sitting on rough surfaces or slick waterproof plastic? Neither does your dog. The textured mat allows your dog to walk around without slipping or tripping We are dog lovers who designed this seat cover with your dog in mind. Dont spend the next year thinking I should have bought the one with the mat. This mat is held in place by Snaps only and not recommended for dogs over 15lbs.

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