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Cat Heat Pad Most Safety Designed Warming Mat Dogs Cats Furos Rabbits He

Safety is the most priority to your pets , rather than other risky heating pad,our pet heating mat mainly focus on pet's safety,giving your pets with a warm and safe environment The pet heating mat is low volt,great performance,automatic power-off protection switch and slow-warming system.Due to the speedup of losing heat during winter cold season,other heating pads may loss heat more than they could produce, or even their products may have more issues with risk volt design or non-waterproof and so on. Unlike our pet heating pad, it can perfectly performs and secures your pets.When your dog or cat stay on the pad about 10 mins, they will feel a very suitable temperature which you have set up.We highly recommend that the set the temperature at 38-40 degree.

The intelligent temperature control has 7 warming positions,so you are able to adjust to the right degree. We provide a detachable cover for you,therefore you can remove and wash the cover when it gets dirty.This product has environmental friendly idea that can be lower the power consumption even you turn it on for the whole day.


This product is slow warming mat not fast heating equipment,about 10-15 mins,your pet will feel warm and safe sleep on the mat.

Cat Heat Pad Most Safety Designed Warming Mat Dogs Cats Furos Rabbits Heated Pad Waterproof Comfortable Chew Resistant Adjustable Temperature Low Voltage 15v (blue) Features

  1. ★With this softy and extremely comfortable heating mat,you could set it in various pets houses,giving your doggies,puppies,pussycat,kitties or rabbits a sweet and warming home.
  2. ★This product has many advance techs,such as low volt but high performance,less dangerous,pet chew resistant steel-less cord,IP67 waterproof and dustproof designed.Moreover,the most important thing is that this product has overheating protection whenever the heated mat is over 131 degree which is the suitable degree for many in-door pets.
  3. ★Perfect design for many house pets such as Bulldogs,Labradors,German Shepherd dogs,Retrievers, Beagle...also it could warm your cats or Rabbits from cold environment all day long.
  4. ★Safe safety designed heating pad, smart LED display and adjustable temperature control(several positions)can fit your dogs or cats in cold weather with pet friendly material.This product is designed for ensuring high electric safety to protect your pets from the risk of electric leakage.

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