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3 Way Collapsible Pet Play Tunnel | For Cats, Dogs, and Bunnies | Crinkl

Are you searching for an energizing, engaging and entertaining pet play tunnel that crinkles, crumples, and folds up to the size of a paper plate after once your cat is done? Maybe you need something more portable than a scratching post, more effective than a cat feather, cat laser toy, or other pet play toys and devices? As cat lovers with busy lives, we love that our cats are self-sufficient. But did you know that around 50% of cats are obese? The problem is many of us simply don't have the time to give our cats the exercise and play they need to live healthy, stress free lives. And Inactivity leads to ANIMAL STRESS. Lots of it. But again, the problem just don't have time to make it happen. The answer lies in finding the right toy so your pet can KEEP THEMSELVES STIMULATED AND ENTERTAINED. Enter THE 3 WAY COLLAPSIBLE PET PLAY TUNNEL BY COOPER & CHLOE. Featuring 3 way entries and exits, dangling swat ball, and secret kitty 'spyhole', this pet play tunnel will ELECTRIFY the senses of your cat, dog or bunny! The 3 Way Collapsible Pet Play Tunnel by Cooper & Chloe effectively combats inactivity, boredom and stress with--- -A BEWITCHING assortment of crinkly crumbly sounds that drive cats crazy! -An irresistable swatting ball that hangs right at your cat's eye level -Well constructed, tear resistant build that collapses to the size of a paper plate! -3 Tunnel entries and a kitty spy hole, for hide and seek mayhem -Collapsible and washable mean convenience. Take it where you want, when you want. Clean up is a snap -100% Product Guarantee by Cooper & Chloe. Translation: As cat and dog owners, we got you covered with a full replacement or refund, and no questions asked. With ZERO RISK, it's an easy decision to give your cat, small dog, or bunny a happier, healthier and stress free pet play experience. JOIN THE FAMILY OF DELIGHTED PET OWNERS who have purchased Cooper & Chloe products and click ADD TO CART, TODAY!

3 Way Collapsible Pet Play Tunnel | For Cats - Dogs - and Bunnies | Crinkle Sounds - Hide and Seek Hole | Provides Hours of Independent Play and Stress Relief Features

  1. TEAR RESISTANT and astonishingly DURABLE---A high-quality polyester shell wrapped around a safety covered, steel spring loaded frame, will stand up to even the most bad ass CAT NINJAS!
  2. It's like a KITTY TREADMILL that fits in your purse---Keep 'em running and 'em healthy and happy! Overweight cats are more likely to contract diabetes, arthritis, and fatty liver disease. Combined with a proper diet, our 3 way collapsible pet play tunnel is yet another tool in the arsenal of the dedicated cat lover. Why not gift your friend a longer, healthier, and more FUN-FILLED life experience?
  3. Quickly COLLAPSES to PAPER PLATE SIZE for easy storage and travel---We love our cats, but we also love our living spaces! Keep your home CLUTTER FREE with a pet toy that takes about FIVE SECONDS to collapse to the size of a PAPER PLATE. Toss it in your purse, store it in your drawer, or slip it into your cat sack for easy travel!
  4. Keep your cat STIMULATED and STRESS FREE---With 3 entrances and IRRESISTABLE CRINKLE, CRACKLE AND CRUMPLE SOUNDS, your pet will be engaged for hours on end! Perfect for CATS, DOGS, and BUNNIES, too.

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