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Cat Window Perch, Mounted Cat Bed, Cat Bed Cushion, Washable Cover, Cat

Cat Window Perch - Mounted Cat Bed - Cat Bed Cushion - Washable Cover - Cat Basking Window Hammock - Perch Cushion Bed Hanging Shelf Seat - Cat Perch - cattery - cat house - Cat nest - Kitty Litter - Cat litter
Your cat doesn't like being on bed on the floor? No worry, try our superior window perch for your kitty. Our design is so simple and easy that anyone can put it up and best of all, you need no tools to install it. Let you cat enjoy comfortable sunbath on the window perch. Specifications: Material: cloth + plastic Size: 55 * 35cm / 22 * 14in Tips: Make sure your window is not broken or cracked before mounting. window cleaner may cause failure of the suction cups, so use water and soap instead of window cleaner before you install the cat perch. Why it falls down? On an ideal smooth surface, this project can carry 15KG / 33LB! But our glass also has a lot of invisible dust, and potholes. So we strongly recommend fixing the suction cup with glue or tape. Many customers tell us that their cats love this item. The cat gives us happiness, which is the reward for our cat. You choosing our products, It is our great honor. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, your satisfactory is always what we pursuit.
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Awtang Pet Dog Heating Pad Round Cat Electric Heat Pads Puppy Bed Heater

Awtang Pet Dog Heating Pad Round Cat Electric Heat Pads Puppy Bed Heater Mat Sapphire
Features: 1.Integrated circuit and LED digital display temperature control box,25~55 ? 7 gears temperature setting 2.Smart sensor on environment temperature and automatic control power off/on Overheat protection over 55 ? 3.Slowly heating is safe and heat transfers evenly 4.IP67 waterproof and dustproof design, cable protection design 5.The 12V low voltage power supply is more secure 6.The cover can be disassembled and is convenient to clean 7.Soft and comfortable, and can be placed in all kinds of pet nests in different materials and shapes 8.Power:12V
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Iconic Pet Tie Out Cable

Iconic Pet Tie Out Cable
The Tie Out Cable from Iconic Pet has strong snaps attached on both ends and is safer to use with your pet than a chain. Use in combination with the Spring Tie Out Stake (sold separately).
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Cat Window Perch Cat Bed Cat Window Hammock Kitty Window Seat Natural Sc

Cat Window Perch Cat Bed Cat Window Hammock Kitty Window Seat Natural Scenery for Cats Hold Up to 50 lb Window Cat Bed
Cats love staring out the window at the birds, squirrels and rabbits that pass through our backyard. The hammock is made of tough, weather-resistant fabric. Its easy to clean and makes a cozy spot for cats. This industrial strength window bed installs in minutes. Simply attach the suction cups to a glass window or door and the heavy duty bed sits firmly in place. Its strong enough to hold up to 50 pounds and the removable cover is machine washable.
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Jardin Pet Dog Cat AC 220-240V Heating Warmer Pad Bed Mat, 5.35-Inch by

Jardin Pet Dog Cat AC 220-240V Heating Warmer Pad Bed Mat - 5.35-Inch by 5.8-Inch
The heat pad is a kind of translucency polyester film which could releasing far infrared heat after electricity powered. It is a new wellbeing heating system. You can create a warm nest for your beloved pet if you install a pet pad in a cold winter Temperature is controlled automatically. The pad will keep working at the setting termperature under normal voltage. You needn't worry overheating or uner-heating. Note: US buyers need to another voltage transformer, here is not included.
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New Cold Winter Pet Dog Cat Reptile Rabbit Safe Heated heater Warmer Bed

New Cold Winter Pet Dog Cat Reptile Rabbit Safe Heated heater Warmer Bed Pad Mat
Let your pets know that you are helping them live healthier and happier lives. In cold winter, a heated bed pad is a must-have for your pet to sleep comfortably at the end of the day. What about this Safe Heated Warmer Bed Pad for Dog Cat/Reptile Pet. It provides comfort and warmness and ensures that your pet will sleep well. Meanwhile, it is easy to clean. Take this stylish and practical addition home to enhance your best friend's quality of living. Your pet deserves to rest in the lap of luxury!
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Marley's Cable Sweater XSmall/Small Color: Rose Size: Xsmall

Marley's Cable Sweater XSmall Small Color: Rose Size: Xsmall
Give your pooch some New England charm with some this heavy Fisherman's knit turtleneck sweater, with convenient leash opening in the back. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
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PetnapUK Flexiguard Metal Pet Heat Pad Mat, Heated Bed (US Plug Adaptor)

PetnapUK Flexiguard Metal Pet Heat Pad Mat - Heated Bed (US Plug Adaptor) 3 Sizes (22 x 33cm (F33))
The original Petnap Heat Pad. Designed to comfort your cat or dog and other popular uses include Hedgehogs, Rabbits, Tortoise, and Guinea Pigs. To provide a constant source of warmth, to help with joint pains, post-operative animals, general well being, avoiding hibernation periods. Key Features Mains powered. Strong aluminium structure. Metal conduit to protect cable. 8 to 10 Watts (F33) 20 to 25 Watts (F44) 25 to 28 Watts (F55) Consumption is left on all the time. Very little per week to keep running continuously. As used by Rescue centres, catteries, kennels across the UK since 1973. Without an animal on the pad the heat will dissipate to the atmosphere and although the pad is still working it may feel cooler to the touch. Made in the UK, CE Certified, IPx4 Rated Made from a strong alloy these products are impervious to chewing, biting and scratching. The unique Flexiguard cable protector means that even the electrical cable has a protective covering to help prevent your pet chewing and scratching it. If you're looking for the ideal heat pad for your puppies we would recommend our vinyl pads as these work in a different way and are more suited to puppies. Please note though that a vinyl pad and cable could be chewed and if left with pets/puppies that take to chewing items, although these also have metal armouring over the cable. Please Note: These heat pads are made of steel/alloy and go through many heavy duty machines to achieve the end result, during this process it is inevitable that they will pick up a few minor scratches, we have tried to limit this from happening as much as possible and cover with film. Can run on US power supply.
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Pet Dog Square Heating Bed Electric Heating Mat With Detachable Cover fo

Pet Dog Square Heating Bed Electric Heating Mat With Detachable Cover for Small Medium Dogs Cats In Cold Winter US Plug Sapphire
Integrated circuit and LED digital display temperature control box; 25~55 ¡æ 7 gears temperature setting,convenient to adjust; Overheat protection over 55 ¡æ; Slowly heating is safe and heat transfers evenly; Power:15W,equipped with car power plug,can be used in the car; Packing list:pet heating pad*1.
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LED Light Up Dog Leash - GlowLeash by GlowHERO - High Visibility LED Lea

LED Light Up Dog Leash - GlowLeash by GlowHERO - High Visibility LED Leash - Industrial Strength - Glow + Reflective Stitching (Neon Green - 4.2ft)
The GlowLEASH by GlowHERO is the best investment into your dog or pet’s safety at nighttime or early morning you can make. Clipping on a glow leash makes your pet instantly visible from over 900 feet. Consider this: Approximately 1.2 million dogs & 5 million cats were hit by cars on the road last year alone. GlowHERO wants to work to reduce that number drastically by making pet’s more visible from a greater distance.  While your dog or pet is wearing a GlowLEASH their visibility is increased 100x over a normal leash and that provides braking distance for a vehicle as well as helping you find your pet easier. The light up dog pet leash has 3 modes: Fast blink, Blink, and Steady. It is simple to clip on and turn on. You will be ready to go in no time. It is perfect to be seen by other walkers, cyclists, motorists, roller bladers, runners, distracted drivers, etc. Buy With Confidence - GlowHERO stands by all their products and their mission to keep the world safer at night time. We warranty this product for 1 year of it’s use in normal conditions. If you are all at dis-satisfied with the leash, GlowHERO will strive to make it right for you. Don’t leave your dog or pets safety up to chance. Get the lightweight & versatile GlowLEASH today and be protected!
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