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Lazynice Folding Small Pet Outdoor Tents, Washable Camping Tent Tentage

Lazynice Folding Small Pet Outdoor Tents - Washable Camping Tent Tentage House Bed for Dwarf Hamster Pet Rat Hedgehog Golden Squirrel - Gold Horn Bear (2020cm - green white)
【Color】: multi-color (random distribution) 【Specification】: trumpet: 14 * 14cm (for hamsters, bear with) not fit for squirrels, honey bags, hedgehogs, rabbits, etc. 【Product specifications】: Pet trumpet 15 * 15 * 15 (hedgehog, Golden Squirrel, hamster); not fits(devil, snow squirrel, fat hedgehog, guinea pig); M size: 20 * 20 * 20 cm (devil, snow squirrel, fat hedgehog, guinea pig); Squirrel, squid, hedgehog, rabbit, dragon cat sugar glider; Sugar Glider; petaurus breviceps
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OWIKAR Wool Felt Pets Bed, Pet Traveling Carrier Bag Bed House Foldable

OWIKAR Wool Felt Pets Bed - Pet Traveling Carrier Bag Bed House Foldable Portable Deformable Dog Bed Multifunctional Nest Animal Cave House (Grey)
Specifications: Color: brown, gray Material: Felt cloth Weight: 2.1lb Size: 48x40x40cm/18.9x15.75x15.75in Applicable: suitable for about 8 kilograms of pets Features: Foldable pet nest, portable and convenient to go out Fashionable and beautiful appearance, warm and comfortable Suitable for small dogs and cats Give your pet a nice kennel, make your pet have a good sleep, the portable design allows you to travel with your pet, camping. Package Includes: 1 x Pet Nest Tips: 1. Keep the pet bed in a quiet place, the dog and the cat are very alert, and most of them are in a shallow sleep state, so most sleep will wake up once they hear the movement. So in order to ensure that a good sleep, try to place the pet nest in the quiet and the less crowd walking places. 2. If you find that the pet does not want to go back to sleep in the bed, the owner of the pet will be issued a ""no"" password, While putting the pet back on its own bed. So repeated training a few times, you can make the pet gradually develop a good habit of sleeping in a fixed place. 3. Be sure to regularly clean up the pet bed, it can be said that this is a very important work, some owners tend to ignore the problem. But long-term don't clean-up is often led to the main culprit of pet infection skin disease. So for the health of pets to consider, we must regularly clean pet bed, if the sun is good, then you can take out the pet bed drying sun, you can simply sterilization. 4. Give the pet to provide some toys, like a dog because of the molar will be bite, if they bite the dog bed is easy to eat, this must pay attention.
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HOP LINK the Original Window-Mounted Cat Bed, the Pet Window Mount Bed

HOP LINK the Original Window-Mounted Cat Bed - the Pet Window Mount Bed
Is your cat always searching for a view outside or a warm place in the sun? The search is over with the HOP LINK Cat Window Bed! Say goodbye to bulky cat condos and other beds your cat won't use and say hello to the HOP LINK. Installs in seconds to glass windows and doors and features industrial strength suction cups that hold up to an amazing 50 pounds! The Sunny Seat provides your cat a front row view of nature, weather, people and more without taking up valuable floor space. Perfect for cats that like to bask in the warm sun or active cats that desire a high vantage point. Helps reduce separation anxiety and keep messy hair off of your furniture. Great for multiple cat households!
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Rope Dog Toys - Set of 4 Different Toys For Large and Small Dogs - Suita

Rope Dog Toys - Set of 4 Different Toys For Large and Small Dogs - Suitable For Agressive Chewers - 100% Cotton - With Ball - Thick Teething Rope - Tug-of-War Toy and Fetching Bone
Four Fun Rope Toys To Keep Your Dog Entertained Like most dogs, our dog Ginger absolutely loves chewing on things. Sadly, she sometimes chewed things that she wasn't supposed to! We often came home to chewed cables, chewed furniture, and on one memorable occasion she'd ripped her entire bed to shreds! Then we discovered the magic of chew toys. They keep her entertained, and they also stopped her from chewing destructively. A Selection Of Four Toys For Four Different Uses In this great value pack of toys, you'll find four different rope configurations. One of them is perfect for play tug, with a handle for you and a knot for your dog to grip on to. One of them is a tightly knotted ball, which is good for playing fetch. One of them is a rope "bone" with a tight knot on each side, and finally there's a toy with a wide knot in the middle for teething and gnawing. Whatever mood your dog is in, he's sure to find something to entertain him. Perfect For Teeth and Teething Just like human babies, puppies are comforted by chewing on things when they are teething. It can relieve discomfort and stimulate teeth growth. They are also great for your older dog's teeth, as chewing on rope creates a brushing action that removes dirt and can prevent decay. IMK9 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We stand behind our products, and we're confident that your fur kid will absolutely love his new chew rope toys. If you aren't completely satisfied in any way, at any time, then we'll work with you to make you happy - guaranteed, or your money back. Puppies should be supervised while chewing on this product. Do not use if shredded, as dogs can swallow small parts and cause digestive problems. Keep Your Dog Entertained and Happy - Pick Up These Chew Toys Today
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Blueberry Pet 2 Colors Warm Fleece Twist Cable Knitted Pull Over Hooded

Blueberry Pet 2 Colors Warm Fleece Twist Cable Knitted Pull Over Hooded Dog Sweater in Raspberry - Back Length 10
Bring the warmth to your pooches with this beautifully designed classic piece of knitted sweater hoodie. This sweater hoodie features an inner layer that is made of a soft fleece material to melt your pets' heart right away when they put this sweater on. The outer layer is a knitted hooded sweater, which is designed with one of the classiest kitting pattern, twist cable. Available in Pink and See Green.
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Lmeison 17.7"x17.7" Water Resistant Pet Heating Pad Electric H

Lmeison 17.7
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If anything goes wrong with our product, please contact us and our customer service team will always study by here to assist you. Feature: This pet heating pad keeps your pet warm and comfortable\ Ideal for dog houses, porches, garage floors, barns, or even the living room\ Bite-proof cable to further protect your pet\ Water-resistant fabric is easy to clean\Easy to store and light weight for travel. Note: 1. Please keep the pad flat when it in use (do not put it on a soft seat). 2. Put it away from children. 3. Switch off the pad when you leave. 4. Do not use it when it's wet. 5. Don't fold it when you use. It is waterproof but please do not wash it by water. Specification: Material: Durable Waterproof Oxford Dimension: 17.7 X 17.7 inch Rated Voltage: 110V Power: 20W Package: 1 X Electric Heat Pad
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Enjoying Dog Heating Pad, Pet Bed Warmer with Chew Resistant Cord &

Enjoying Dog Heating Pad - Pet Bed Warmer with Chew Resistant Cord & Overheating protection Heated Pads with LED Indicator for Pets 19.7
Although in cold winter ,no need to worry that our pets sleep uncomfortably. Enjoying pet heating pad will provide warmness and comfortable cat dog bed and protect pet from cold. Let's help our pets live healthier and happier. Description 1)- Blue: 19.7"x19.7" , Power : 30Watts , Adapter: DC12V 2)- 12V is safety voltage -- below 36V More Safety Details 1)- The wires is full wrapped. 2)- Updated chew resistant cord to ensure safety and lifetime. Both are keeping pets from chew and bite. 3)- Adding cable clamp which can sustain 30kg (300N) tension. Temperature 1)- Seven levels temperature adjustable : 77-131 ℉ (25-55 ℃) The appropriate temperature can avoid pet hair loss and itchy skin. 2)- Thermal protector : Heating pet pad will auto-off when the temperature is up to 131 ℉ (55 ℃). 3)- Automatic heating : When the warm dog pad temperature is under 77 ℉ (25 ℃),it will start to heat to the temperature you set. Feature 1)- IC control box with LED indication and display temperature directly. 2)- The dog heating pad includes a free washable cover. Easy to clean. 3)- Certification: CE, ETL, IP67, ROHS Important Notes 1)- Please DON'T COVER mats,towels,blankets on the heating dog bed when it works, to avoid impact heating pad's using effect. 2)- We recommend to put a towel or a blanket UNDER the puppy dog heated pad. It will help the heating. 3)- 104 ℉ (40 ℃ ) is recommended by pet doctor. Because pet's temperature is 100.4-102 ℉ (38-39 ℃). 96-109 ℉ (36-43 ℃) is the most pet's favourite sleeping temperature in winter. Package : 1 x Pet heating pad Thanks for your support in Enjoying!
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Iconic Pet Spring Tie Out Stake, 8mm by 15-Inch

Iconic Pet Spring Tie Out Stake - 8mm by 15-Inch
Spring Tie Out Stake from Iconic Pet is the perfect way to keep your dog safe and secure in one area at home or on the go. Use in combination with the Tie Out Cable (sold separately).
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Foerteng Small Pet Heated Beds Waterproof Electric Warming Pads Pet Bed

Foerteng Small Pet Heated Beds Waterproof Electric Warming Pads Pet Bed Blanket Mat Cushion with Soft Removable Cover - Overheat Protection
Foerteng pet heating pad provides a a warm and comfortable place for your pet to sit or sleep in cold weather. Adjustable temperature: 7 temperature levels to adjust (25℃~55℃). IP67 waterproof and dustproof. 55 degree thermal protector. Removable cover is conveniant to clean. SPECIFICATIONS Size: diameter: 11.81in. Power: 12w. Color: Red, Sapphire, Green, Brown
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Catoneer Stylish Foldable Hammock Bed For Cats- 100% Cotton Padding- Sof

Catoneer Stylish Foldable Hammock Bed For Cats- 100% Cotton Padding- Soft & Comfy- Ideal For Pets Up to 15lbs- Lightweight To Carry Around- Birch Wood Construction- Great Gift Idea For Every Cat Lover
You Love Your Cat. And You Want The Best For It. Exactly. We all know how much cats love lying down on soft surfaces. That's why you would like to offer your cat the best, the softest surface ever, something that would treat your lovely cat like royalty. Well. You have bought things like that in the past- cat accessories that promised you the world, but proved to be highly impractical, or cheaply crafted. Don't lose your faith. Because we have exactly what you need. A small yet mighty hammock bed that is going to blow your minds off. Constructed by 100% cotton padding and birch wood, it's going to serve your cat with care for the years to come- what else do you need? Ultimate softness and risk-free fabrication are guaranteed- because we care! Take It On-The- Go OK-we know. You're ready for a weekend excursion and you would like to carry this hammock bed with you. No worries- we have something that is going to rock your world. Our foldable hammock features a lightweight design, so as to be light as a feather- fold it down, put it in the trunk, and you're ready to go! Move it from one place to another without effort and hassle- do it now! Your Best Friend Is A Cat Lover. You Need To Buy A Gift; Something Functional And Intimate As... our bed hammock. Try it and put a smile on your friend's face instantly, without looking around for fancy products. Comfy and delicate, this bed hammock is just what every cat lover needs- a must-have accessory worth having! Love Your Cat And It Will Love You Back. Order Your Cat Bed Hammock Today.
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