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Feline Snoozers are one of the most popular sleep and play options available for your feline friend. Cat towers allow your pet to enjoy playing, climbing and sleeping, all on one easy to manage device. Feline Snoozers offer a safe and comfortable environment for your cat to enjoy relax. These cat towers come in three different sizes. Each tower features a unique combination of beds, cozy cubbies, hammocks, and feeding dishes. Your cat will enjoy the stimulating climbing exercise that this tower provides.

The Feline Snoozer offers much more versatility than the normal cat tree. They are designed from lightweight materials (including durable but light PVC pipe), which allows for easy transportation. Whether you want to move the tower from room to room or outside on a pleasant day, you’ll have no problem picking up the tower. When ordering a Feline Snoozer, you have the option to choose from six different colors and two different fabric styles. Fabrics can be washed and dried by a machine, while the piping requires nothing more than an occasional wiping with a damp wash cloth. Upon receiving your Feline Snoozer, no tools are required during the assembly process.

Cat BedsIn addition to Feline Snoozers, there are a variety of cat beds to choose from. One popular style combines a scratch post with a bed. The bed is raised off the ground, and made from a variety of extremely comfortable fabrics and stuffing. The scratch post combats a cat’s restlessness and allows them to unwind by giving them a convenient location to let out any pent up energy.

Other popular cat beds are similar to dog beds, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, most cat beds are smaller than dog beds due to the average size of a cat being smaller than the average size of a dog. For larger cats, it may be best suited to purchase a bed that is actually designed for a dog.

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